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Outdoors Update August 1, 2019

The Wisconsin DNR Outdoors Report is out and it looks like many camp grounds that have been closed throughout most of the summer due to flooding are going to be opening soon for late season campers and hikers.

Since many of these campgrounds are used by deer hunters, this is great timing with the archery and crossbow hunting season opening soon throughout the state.

While many of the campgrounds allow tent camping only and do not feature electrical or sewer hook-ups, many campers are using portable electric solar generators for power.

Call ahead to make sure you get a camping site especially during deer hunting season.

Outdoors Update May 15th, 2019

Holy ticks batman!  There are ticks EVERYWHERE out there this spring! It’s scary because they claim 1 out of 3 ticks in this area carries Lymes disease.

Be careful out there folks! Spray your skin with DEET and use Permethrin on your clothes and camping and hiking gear. You can read about how to use permethrin at camping reviews websites or MFG websites. Just don’t get it on your skin.

We had a brutal winter this year. Tons of snow and COLD. I was really worried the deer herd and turkey flocks were going to take a hard hit this winter. After driving around this spring, however, it appears numbers of both deer and turkey are still quite high.

Turkey hunting is in full swing. I plan to get out this weekend on my Mountain bike and do some calling. With crossbow hunting now legal we can hunt areas where using a shotgun would be considered a no-no.

I picked up a crossbow for deer hunting last fall and I love it. It’s fun to take with on camping trips to. Silent but deadly!

Get out and trout fish this spring as well. The DNR planted tons of trout this year. Yum!

Update: March 1st, 2018

Oh man have we ever been busy this year so far! First off I apologize for the long delay in posting, it was a super busy Wisconsin deer hunting season and many of our members had excellent sucess hunting during the archery and gun seasons. The Wisconsin hunting landscape continues to get better and better each year!

As many of you know, we erected 3 new tower blind hunting stands and another large fake boulder stand on the main deer hunting property early in the fall. Each of these new stands has produced both deer and turkey.

This spring we will be landscaping around the main cabin to spruce it up a bit and make it look and feel a bit more like the front yard landscaping at home!

Planting food plots and getting ready for the spring 2018 WI turkey season is also on the to-do list.

Update: November 1st, 2017

We are in the rut here in Wisconsin! Bucks are chasing does during daylight hours and the big racked whitetails you’ve only seen on late night trail camera photos are finally cruising around during shooting hours.

I actually switched to a crossbow this year and have been loving it. I can hunt in warmer clothes, and use box blinds previously un-huntable with my compound bow because I could not draw in them. The crossbow has made life much easier. I can hunt from small ground blinds as well.

With Aaron Rodgers injured and probably out for the entire football season, my Sundays are going to include much more free time!  My friend started a Wisconsin Badgers t shirts and apparel website you should check out. I plan to add other Wisconsin gifts and apparel to it as well. Something to pass the time since watching the Packers is a bit depressing now.

Update: October 3rd, 2017

Well, the good news is hunting season is finally here!  Deer bow opened a couple weeks ago, woodcock is open and waterfowl opened this last weekend.

Just my luck though, my lawn irrigation backflow valve froze and blew out this weekend.  What a pain!  Water everywhere. So, I’m having to put hunting on the back burner until the backflow valve parts I ordered arrive.

Update: April 14th 2016

Just a quick turkey hunting update. I was out in my new fake rock turkey hunting blind this morning. Hear lots of gobbling and had one coming in but it never got in range. I love the artificial boulder blind, but it is a bit noisy inside. It should be perfect once I spray foam the interior.  I’ll keep you posted. And to all you turkey hunters out there, good luck!

Update: April 13th 2016

It’s turkey hunting season and hunting turkey rocks big time!  I lucked out and got the first season this year so the landscape should be quite bare, allowing me to creep along the rocky ridges to hopefully get a long shot on a bird. Last spring I had a later season and the bushes and plants were grown in and it made seeing things a bit of a challenge. Although all the plants, bushes and foliage in the landscape does make stalking easier.

Fake Rocks For Hunting

Here’s the type of fake rock I made my blind out of.

Since natural cover will be sparse, I plan on using a special blind I had custom made to match the rocks around the hunting area. It’s actually one of those big DekoRRa fake rocks  that has been converted to hunt in.  That’s right, I’ll be turkey hunting in a big artificial rock this spring!  How cool is that?  Anyways, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update: March 10, 2016

Well, we survived the winter here in Wisconsin!  Thank goodness that’s over with. Ice fishing was pretty lame this year due to the late ice we had. Now turkey season is just around the corner. If you didn’t get your tag yet be sure to mark MARCH 26th on your calendar as this is when bonus tags go on sale.

And don’t forget the youth hunt coming up early April. In Wisconsin, a child on needs to be 10 years old in order to take advantage of the early Learn To Hunt program. It’s a great way for kids to get out there and learn how to handle firearms safely and how to hunt responsibly. The hunter safety course is going to be held just east of Portage, WI off of Hwy 16.

Also, as many of you know I’m a big fan of supporting veterans. Check out this post about this guy who hunts in a motorized wheel chair equipped with treads. Very cool.

Update: December 23rd, 2015

This winter really stinks so far here in central Wisconsin!  No ice on the lakes for ice fishing, no snow on the ground for tracking deer or snowmobiles.  It’s down right unseasonable!

And there’s bad news about blue tongue disease getting closer to the Madison area. Friends of mine near Briggsville are reporting more and more deer found dead after being infected by the virus. The telltale sign is finding the deer dead near water, and many land owners are reporting finding dead deer along creeks, rivers, ponds and streams.

Hunting The Landscape Of WisconsinWhat makes matters worse is this warm weather we are having. Apparently blue tongue is a virus carried by gnats and midges living in the soil. Warm weather helps them thrive. When they bite a deer it becomes infected and most die within 2 weeks.

If you have hunting land for sale in Wisconsin or currently own hunting land, the word on the street is land prices could come down if the deer population continues to be negatively affected by this virus.

The good news is, unlike CWD which shows a 100% kill rate, some deer can survive blue tongu, so there’s hope the herd will evolve to overcome the virus. This may be why the disease is seen in pockets of Wisconsin hunting land throughout the state. Different deer herds may be more or less susceptible to the virus.


What’s new for the 2015 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Season?

  1. Electric Deer Registration in Wisconsin – WOW! Now this is cool! No more having to drive around with a dead deer in your trunk or pickup bed searching for one of the few deer registration stations in your neck of the woods. The future is here!  The new E registration means Wisconsin Hunters can now call in their trophy bucks or register them using their smart phones. This is not only a huge time saver but will save on gas money as well. In some counties like Sauk, Columbia, Adams, Marquette finding a deer registration station was a big pain in the rear. Now it’s fast and easy! And for hunters like us in the suburbs around Madison it’s going to mean less driving around town looking for registration stations while getting dirty looks from all the tree huggers disgusted by the sight of a dead deer hanging out of the trunk.  It’s win-win for everyone! Some say this may encourage poaching, but states like IL have been using electronic deer hunting registration for several years without any real negatives.
  2. Funky new doe tag system. In the past WI deer hunters could purchase antlerless deer bonus tags and use them to hunt anywhere where they were permitted. Starting in 2015 hunters need to state the specific deer management zone, county and type of land (public or private) they intend to harvest an anterless deer on. So even though I have an anterless deer tag for Dane county, I can’t hunt just anywhere with it. I need to specify public or private land as well. Apparently, this is an attempt by the DNR to relieve hunting pressure on public lands. Most of the deer hunters in the Madison area that I have spoken with think it’s going to be a real pain in the toosh.  Consider deer drives for example. During previous deer seasons we could get a group of hunters together who had valid doe tags for the management zone we were hunting in and organize a quick deer drive on a particular portion of private or public hunting property. Now with these new regulations, organizing these drives is going to be much more difficult.  Eesh.

To Crossbow Or Not To Crossbow?

I’ve been getting lots of emails from hunters asking about crossbows. As you know, it’s now legal to hunt deer with crossbows in Wisconsin during the traditional archery deer season. Since a lot of areas in and around the suburbs of Madison and other WI cities are bow only, many hunters are looking into the possibility of hanging up their traditional archery and compound bows for the more rifle-like appeal of the crossbow.

My Advice: Do Your Research!

I’ve shot several crossbows in the past and loved them all.  Fast, and super accurate. And the thought having the weapon ready to fire just like a rifle or shotgun is very tempting indeed.

But I’ve been getting lots of reports of injured deer from hunters using crossbows. Bolts not passing through the animals, being deflected off of ribs etc. From what I gather a broadside shot that doesn’t hit the shoulder is a dead ringer with a crossbow. But when a deer is quartering away or towards a hunter, the shorter  and lighter weight crossbow bolts have a tendency to fly off course when contacting rib bones. And shoot a deer in the shoulder with a crossbow and your practically guaranteed an injury, where an arrow flung from a compound carrying more weight and kinetic energy at least has a chance of punching through the bone and into the vitals.

As I speak with more hunters who are using crossbows in an around Madison I’ll keep this information updated.

That’s all for now. Keep checking back for updates and don’t forget to contact us with your email address to subscribe to the Sub-Club hunters newsletter so we can keep you posted on future events.

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